Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Busy as a bee (today)

So I'm not doing so well these days. Besides, the depression, I'm pretty sure I'm having a legitimate flare up. By flare up, I mean that MS is in full force and has been kicking my butt these last few weeks.

I'll start with my legs. My legs feel like they weigh as much as a ton of bricks. They throb with pain and keep me up at night. My balance and gait is a little funny and I'm moving a little slower. That could also be due to the vertigo I've been feeling. It is most likely a combination of the two symptoms.

My hands are both weak. The left, a little more than the right. I'm having trouble opening things and writing. Typing isn't very enjoyable either. It's taking me awhile and I keep making mistakes.

Lastly, my entire body has this strange uncomfortable feeling when touched. It's so uncomfortable it makes me squirm. It's a really horrible feeling that I haven't really experienced until now. It very bothersome. I had to tell Vince not to touch me these last two days. Which has been hard. Even a touch on the arm causes me discomfort.

So all these horrible things are going on, but the good news is that I saw a doctor today and he did give me a few prescriptions. One for the depression, and another for the nerve pain that I have been having. These drugs are going to help with the symptoms that I am having, but not the weakness in my hands. I have a neurologist appointment for that at the end of the month, which is the soonest they could get me in. I hope that they don't get any worse while I'm waiting.

Also today, I applied for disability. Which, fingers crossed, I will be able to get. I obviously haven't been working, so I really need the money. It's going to take a few months before I get a decision. So yet another waiting game.

Between the doctor appointment and the social security office, It was a long day for me. I'm really glad though that my mom was with me through it all. A BIG thanks goes out to my mom for going with me and helping me with everything. I love that lady very much.


  1. I'm a 24 year old, newly diagnosed and I've been having the touch issues you spoke about for quite a while, more so before the diagnosis! My husband and I have come up with a system now so when he wants to hold my hand or come in to kiss me, because quite frankly I wanted to punch him when he did it before, he says "Coming in" or "Can I..." It keeps our intimacy and gives me a chance to say "No" without offending him or making him feel bad if I squirm away. Give that a try. Just like they say with the MS Society, MS destroys connections and I have a feeling that like me, your relationship is a connection you don't want to destroy!

    Feel free to contact me anytime!

  2. Thanks Layla! I love your advice and I love knowing that I am not alone!

  3. Meg:

    I have had MS for 18 years now. I am always looking for inspiring examples of MSers. The fact that you were DXed at the age of 17 or 18, that you have remained positive through this, that you remain close to your mom, that you are willing to share your story to help those in similar need - you inspired me today. I have a twitter account where I record stories of those thriving with MS called just tweeted a link to your blog. Hope you don't mind. You have bad days I know Mega...keep hope alive.

  4. Thank you Gary! It's good to know that I am inspiring people. And Thanks for sharing my blog with others!